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Thank you for taking the time to visit our latest blog posting!  We, at RDP Sports, have selected 3-star recruit Jakeen Harris to be featured for this issue.  Jakeen, a rising senior at Benedictine Military High School in Savannah, Georgia, had over 15 college scholarship offers.  He recently decided to further his education and football career at North Carolina State University. Jakeen is one of the best players in the state of Georgia and definfinly one of the top five players in the 912 area.  We had the chance to catch up with Jakeen at our studio for his interview, but first check out what Deion “Primetime” Sanders had to say about this young man on Twitter.

“I had a call with colleges today about you man. They pulled up yo film and u went to work on them. You got real game man. Hit those books, stay disciplined and watch yo company. You got it my brother. #Truth #PrimeSpoke #21reasons”
                           - Deion Sanders




RDP: What are some goals for you during your senior year?
Jakeen: My goals for my senior year are to have 10 plus interceptions, over 1000 rushing yards, more than 120 tackles,  and make All- State again. 

RDPHow do feel about BC moving up to 3-AAA?
Jakeen: I like that! We get to stay in the city and play  so everybody will be out to the games.

RDP: What are somethings that you enjoy about high school and what are you going to miss about it?
Jakeen: I enjoy playing on Fridays, but I’m going to miss playing with and against  my high school friends.

RDP: Can you explain what "Work hard, play hard" means to you?
Jakeen: Work hard play hard means going hard every play, giving it your all.  I also use it in the real world by going hard with everything I do.     

RDP: Can you explain the importance of academic? 
Jakeen: Academics are important to me because without academics you can’t go to college and play football.


RDP: What was your SAT score and how did you prepare for the test? 
Jakeen: I made a 1270 on the SAT and I prepared for the SAT by studying with my English teacher.  We went over SAT prep in school and that helped prepare me for the test


RDP: Can you explain the impact your parents have on your life?
Jakeen: My parents have a big impact on my life.  They are always pushing me to make sure I’m doing the right thing and working hard everyday.  My parents are hard on me about academics.  They started in elementary preaching academic real hard.  

RDP: Can you tell me how much your older brother, Chris Harris, Jr.,  means to you?   
Jakeen: My older brother means everything to me!  He keeps me going because he was there for me when nobody wasn’t.  He’s just a bigger role model for me and I follow everything that he does. 

RDP: What was your reason for committing to N.C. State?
Jakeen: My reason for committing to North Carolina State was the coaching staff had a good relationship with my high school coach.


















RDP: What are somethings you want people to know about you besides being a good football player?
Jakeen: I like volunteering around school.  I help out with the football camps, and I help unload and carry items to the school store.  I want people to know that I’m good at basketball and baseball.  I also like to play video games and I like to have fun and go out with my friends.  

RDP: What motivates you to be a good player on and off the field? 
Jakeen: What motivates me to be a good football player on and off field is I want to be great.  So you have to do great things on and off the field.  

RDP: What advice would you give to the next generation?
Jakeen: To the younger players out there playing sports, I would tell them that without grades you can’t play college football. Don’t wait too late to start studying and keep working and just go all out.  The coaches will come find you if you play hard.   


RDP: Were you discouraged when coaches were not noticing you?
Jakeen: No, I wasn’t discouraged because my brother kept telling me that they are going to come.  I had a good sophomore year so he was telling me they will come.  So, it took hard work.  I was just grinding trying to get bigger and faster and it all just fell in place.  

RDP: How did your brother help you on the football field?
Jakeen: My brother kept pushing me everyday in practice.  In games when I got down after a play, he used to come up to me in a game and talk to me and tell me you got the next play.  Now that I’m a leader, I tell the younger players that they have the next play and just kept going hard.

RDP: Where do you see yourself in 5-6 years?
Jakeen: I see myself in the NFL playing for somebody.  If I don’t make it to the NFL, I could see myself doing something in business.

RDP: How did Boys club help you prepare as a player?
Jakeen: The Boys Club had a lot of good talent out there.  We were going against some of the best players in the city and they used to push me hard every day.  The club was also big on academics too.  We had to turn in every report card to our coaches.  

RDP: Do you go back to help at the Boys Club? 
Jakeen: I’m about to start going back to the Boys Club to help out with their football practice because when I was younger, the older kids came back and helped out with me so that’s why I want to go back and help.  




Karen Cooper(non-registered)
Like always an awesome read! I pray your blogs inspire all of our young youth. This is so needed!
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