"Humble, Don't Stumble"

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our latest blog posting!  We, at RDP Sports, have selected 4-star recruit Kalen DeLoach to be featured for this issue.  Kalen, a rising senior at Islands High School, has 20 offers from the Power 5 Conferences.  However, DeLoach has narrowed his choices down to 9 schools.  As a top athlete, he was selected to participate in the Nike Opening due to his outstanding performance among the best of the best.  This young man is on a mission to pursue his dreams on and off the football field, and the support he receives from his family is amazing!  Even with all the success that is coming his way, he has always remained humble.  A motto that he has embraced from his father, Robert DeLoach is "Humble, don't stumble"  After having a great junior year, Kalen is looking toward his senior year the same way he ended his junior year.   We had the chance to catch up with Kalen after his work out at 27:17 Gym for his interview.


RDP Sports:  What are some things you want people to know about you besides being a football player?

Kalen:   I want people to know that I’m a cool dude, I like to have fun, I laugh a lot, and I make jokes.


RDP Sports:  What was your experience at the Nike Opening?

Kalen: It was a great experience. It was some of the best talent in the Atlanta region I got to compete against.  I showed up and showed out and I got invited to the Nike finals.

RDP Sports::  Are you excited about going to the Nike finals?

Kalen:  Yes, I’m very excited. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and not many people get that experience.  So I’m very grateful to have the opportunity.  


RDP Sports:  What advice would you give players who feel that they are not being recruited for college?

Kalen:  I just tell players who are not being heavily recruited to keep working hard because their time will come. When the time comes, continue to keep working hard and stay humble. 


RDP Sports:  What gives you that drive to be player you are?

Kalen:  I just want to see myself being successful in the next couple of years.


RDP Sports:  You recently took the SAT.  How did you do?  How did you prepare?  What advice would you give?

Kalen:  I scored an 1140.  I just did a lot of studying with my tutor. She sat down with me and broke it down for me to make it easier and make it less time consuming.




RDP Sports:  What advice would you give to the players who haven't taken the SAT?  

Kalen:  The advice I would give to young players is take it by yourself the first couple of times.  If you don’t like your score, then get a tutor so they can break it down for you to make it easier for you and continue to study.


RDP Sports:  Also, can you explain how important your academics are to you?  

Kalen:  Academics are very important.  You can’t go to college without academics.  A lot of people told me that before because I used to slack off in class, but it has turned around.  Coaches came and told me to focus on your academics before you play football so that’s what I do.


RDP Sports:  Who are some of the people who motive/influence you?

Kalen:  Some people who motivate me are my parents, my coaches, and everybody who's in my circle.  We all push each other to do the best we can, and I use what they tell me as motivation to push myself to get better.

RDP Sports:  Where do you see yourself in 5-6 years?

Kalen:  In 5-6 years I would like to see myself playing in the NFL, but if I don’t go to the NFL I would like to have my own business.   


 I would like to thank Kalen DeLoach and his family for taking the time to do an interview with RDP Sports.  I would like to leave you with a quote that hopefully motivates others:


         "Greatness is upon you.  Work on your gift"

                   - Dr. Eric Thomas




Great read! I wish you and this young man continued success!
Tony Gary(non-registered)
Great read good job Kyunnie.
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